Thursday, 27 August 2015

Review : The Colorbar Perfect Match/Parfait Marier Primer

Hi everyone :)
Today I'm reviewing a product which has made its place in my kit for a long time now -- The Colorbar Perfect Match Primer.
What Colorbar describes the product as:
"This satiny touch oil free primer masks the fine lines and uneven texture, making skin marvellously soft and smooth.
Dab on a little all over face for smoothening surface or use before concealer and foundation for perfect complexion and lasting effect"
The primer comes in a classy translucent off white packaging with a metal screw cap at the bottom. The controlled cap helps you regulate the amount you need and is hygienic. It is sleek and very travel friendly, but prone to get dirty very easily. Also you can't judge the amount of product left in the pack--another downer!
The Colorbar Perfect Match Primer
The product itself is a translucent gel like fluid. It is absolutely non tinted and without shimmer. It doesn't smell either.
On application it is a slippery gel without any wet feel and blends effortlessly in the skin leaving no residue behind. It diminishes the size of pores and fine lines and mattifies the skin -- on application of the primer my skin stays absolutely oil free for more than eight hours and keeps the makeup very fresh. It does highlight dry patches though, so not much forgiving on dry skin -- you'll definitely need a moisturizer underneath.
Unedited photo -- bare, moisturized skin before primer application

           Unedited photo -- Visibly smoothed out skin post primer application

Overall, it does a great job at everything a primer is supposed to do - good oil control, a smooth matte look and lengthening the wear of makeup. I must also say the product ensures you need lesser foundation. Blushes and eye shadows show their true colors and blending to create looks is a dream using this under the base.
The only con I think of is the high dose of silicones -- not too good for the skin for regular wear, but definitely so worth it when doing makeup.
Quantity: 30ml
Price: INR 825
Verdict : 4.75/5
Love, love this and highly recommend!