Thursday, 20 August 2015

Hi everyone :)
This is my first post here.
I'm Srey, the simple girl next door with a big love for make-up.
I've been reading beauty blogs extensively the last four years and found out, other than the rare weekly column and random posts, there are hardly enough blogs devoted to budget drugstore makeup. Why drugstore, you might ask here.
While I admit that premium brands give better finishes, better shade selection and better quality, drugstore make-up with a bit of help, isn't far behind. A lot of people I know would love make-up which would be affordable. And I firmly believe that people can look pretty with makeup even without breaking the bank.
My blog intends to make the best out of drugstore make-up. So there will be product reviews and slowly, tutorials and looks and also the latest news and offers on budget makeup.
I hope you'll love my blog enough to come back over and again.
Constructive critique and requests for specific product reviews are welcome.