Tuesday, 24 May 2016

Avene Gentle Milk Cleanser: Review and Swatches

I did this mini haul from Nykaa.com recently, and they were VERY kind to send me a couple of samples, one which I’ll review today.

Presenting to you: the Avene Gentle Milk Cleanser.
What is: a creamy milky cleanser, suitable for sensitive skin. That’s it.
Packaging: a fat, translucent white tube, ingredients mentioned in the back, screw cap cover. No frills.
Texture: very very similar to double cream milk. Pure lushness.
Smell: a slight herbal smell, goes away post washing.
How it works: I use this on evenings, taking a small coin sized portion on my palm and rub it all over my face. I wash it over with a clean cotton cloth and warm water, rubbing it all off with the wet, warm cloth. If I feel a slight oily film, I wash it over with Cetaphil gentle cleanser, in the same process described above.
Effectiveness: Very, very effective. I wear high SPF everyday and a very matte, long staying foundation and waterproof mascara most days, and this takes off all of it.
On Top: Loreal Paris Pure Rouge lipstick; Middle: Maybelline SuperStay Lipstick in Eternal Rose, and the Maybelline Lasting Drama Gel Liner -- all long staying makeup.

With a drop of the Avene cleanser

One swipe and result: Clean, stain free skin.
 I’ve tried removing long lasting eye makeup, lip stains, matte lipsticks – anything and everything, this works without leaving a trace. It leaves a slightly moisturizing effect which is nice for drier skins – but I like a very clean, oil free feel so I go it over with a water soluble cleanser as I stated above.
The best bit? It’ll never aggravate your acne/ sensitivity/ redness, provided you use it properly. I’ve used it day in, day out without it causing a single pimple on my face.
Pricing: INR 1400 for 200 ml. *gasp* Okay there’s where Avene got its head wrong; not a lot of people would buy a cleanser for 1400, considering there are equally good options on much cheaper prices. As of me, I’m truly head over heels in love with this, and I will buy the full sized bottle once I finish this.
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